Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Space stations in Starfleet Wars

Book 2 of Starfleet Wars added rules for modular star fortresses to the game.  In addition to the Star Fortress (pictured above), each section with its own weapons and defenses, the Observer's Directory & Identification Manual listed space station classes (with stats) for each of the Five Powers:
  • Terran Federation: Morning Star (sometimes listed as Mace)
  • Entomalian Empire: Web
  • Avarian United Worlds: Egg
  • Aquarian Alliance: Wave
  • Carnivoran Republic: Rat
Superior Models released miniatures for the Mace/Morning Star and the Web space stations, as well as the various parts of the Star Fortress.  You can see additional pictures of them in this old Galactic Knights price list on the Monday Knight Productions website.  While I can't find the Mace or Web for sale anywhere on the MKP site, the components to the Star Fortress are still for sale as "Generic Space Station Parts."

However, I can't find any evidence (other than the ODIM) that space stations for the remaining powers ever existed.  Has anyone ever heard of any additional space station models for Starfleet Wars?  Or did the line get shut down before they could ever be produced?


Gonsalvo said...

I've never seen the "web" in the flesh. I've seen the modular SS, but I don't have one. I do have a "Mace", which looks suspiciously like a scaled down Death Star. I am almost certain that none of the other space stations were ever produced.

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The Panzer Depot sells the modular SS, Mace, Web and most of the other Starfleet Wars miniatures. See the link below: