Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Lost Platoon (part 1)

Since February marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Warhammer 40,000, I thought I'd trot out some photos of my own Citadel Miniatures figures from that game.  My force was the Imperial Army (that's right, Skippy, these figures predate the Imperial Guard!) back in the day.
I bought these miniatures back in the late '80s and played a few games of WH40K with them until I moved away for school.  The figs sat gathering dust at my parents' house until a few years ago, when I rescued them from oblivion.  Because I don't play 40K anymore, I rebased these minis for use with Hordes of the Things.
As you can see in the top picture, my initial HotT army started out as nine stands of shooters (troopers, including general with standard bearer) and two artillery elements (heavy weapons).
Most of the paint jobs on these figs are from the 1980s; I just touched them up a little and maybe added a wash.
My dudes are not painted as well as this guy's figures (go check them out here, here, here, and here), but they look decent enough on the tabletop.
The in-game backstory for this unit is that a shot from a warp cannon blasted the force into another dimension where their weapons don't work as well as they should.
That and the desire to conserve ammo explain the now-limited range of the technologically advanced weapons of the shooters and artillery.
I also salvaged from my childhood home my original Rhino APC, which I had painted in a weird camo scheme for use of my Rogue Trader mercenary force, known as Bastard Squad.  I affixed it to a base to use as my Imperial Army's stronghold--it's out of fuel or the engine doesn't function in this reality, but even immobile it makes a good fortress.  I even added a couple of figures to this stronghold to represent support personnel.
After assembling this 24AP army, I had plenty of minis left over--enough to bring the Lost Platoon up to 48AP--and field elements besides shooters and artillery.  I'll show you those photos tomorrow.

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Mik said...

One of the coolest themed HotT armies I've seen in a while...and with vintage figs to boot! The camo on the Rhino is different, but it kind of works out pretty well.