Monday, May 28, 2012

Another ebay purchase

I bought this prepainted to expand my Surtr and the Sons of Muspel army for Hordes of the Things.  This is a Heroclix figure based on a comic book character called Magma.  I plan on using her along with some Horrorclix and D&D Minis to make some lurkers or hordes elements to add to the fire army (stamp out one hotspot, and another flares up somewhere else).

Fantasy and sci-fi gamers often overlook the superhero minis, but those four-color characters can be a great resource for dungeon monsters or robot guardians in role-playing games, as well as for use in other games like HotT or Song of Blades and Heroes.  Does anyone else find themselves browsing through pictures of Clix minis thinking, "I could use that"?


Maj. Diz Aster said...

I know a lot of gamers look at "Clix" minis with scorn, but they are very handy when no one else makes something you need or you need some cheap minis quick. I use HorrorClix zombies for 2 Hour Wargames "All Things Zombie" and "MechWarrior-clix" for various hard SF wargames. Or I just like to repaint them sometimes.

Hendybadger said...

For games like Pulp City and Super System, Clix minis are an amazing resource