Saturday, May 5, 2012

OGRE keeps on rolling

Exciting times for OGRE/GEV fans!  Take a look at the OGRE Kickstarter page: as of this posting (Saturday morning Texas time), the OGRE Designer's Edition was close to breaking $550,000 in pledges--far beyond Steve Jackson Games' original goal of twenty grand.  Although I'm gonna get my copy from my friendly local game store instead of through Kickstarter, I'm still thrilled by all the interest shown in this project, from new and old fans alike.

Here's a quick breakdown of what the standard (non-Kickstarter) box will contain (taken from this KS update):
  • Containers:
    • The outer shipping carton - about 22" x 18" x 4"?
    • The game box. Currently 21.5” by 17.625” by at least 3.5”.
    • Cardboard counter tray insert / “Ogre garage”
  • Maps:
    • Ogre map (2 pieces )
    • GEV type maps G1, G2, S1, S2 (2 pieces each)
  • Counter/overlay sheets (about 11 x 17, printed 4/4, diecut):
    • Combine 2D units (2 identical sheets, about 65 units each, 1.5 mm)
    • Paneuropean 2D units (2 identical sheets, about 70 units each, 1.5 mm)
    • Basic map overlay sheet (3 identical sheets, 1.5 mm)
    • Stretch overlay sheet (1.5 mm)
    • Assorted Ogres and buildings (3 different sheets, 2 mm)
    • Sponsored sheets for $3,000 supporters (5 different, some 1.5, some 2 mm)
      • “Mercenary” sheets - two, using Combine units
      • Maaaybe one w/ hidden buildings. Under discussion.
      • One with a whole troop of Ogres in a new color.
      • One, probably, with a new color of Paneuro units.
  • Booklets and other paper:
    • Rulebook - 24 pages?
    • Scenario book - 12 pp?
    • Reference sheets with CRTs, unit lists, and so on (2 copies)
    • Ogre Record Sheet masters (2 copies, black only)
    • Blueprint poster
    • "How to Build the Ogres" flyer
  • Two 19mm acrylic dice
Outside the box, there has been enough support to reach various stretch goals including new scenarios, a future expansion, a tiny version of the game resembling the pocket format in which it debuted in 1977, and even an OGRE computer game.  Best of all, they're bringing back the miniatures line!  With six more days to go in the fundraising period, they're also close to hiring someone to work on the line full-time and not too far from rereleasing the OGRE Miniatures rulebook. 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm looking forward to all this.

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J Womack, Esq. said...

I have got to find $100 I can spend on this. I have no FLGS (the local one is not a favorite, the favorite is not local), after all.