Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clay-O-Rama at the con

Like I said earlier, the Clay-O-Rama game was a great hit at GuadaComaCon.  We had five or six players in the game run by Jason Braun.
I was feeling lazy, so instead of sculpting legs on my creature, I just took the round shape of Pla-Doh out of the can and squeezed a couple of limbs.  That and some detailing of the eye/sensory organ and mouth, and I was good to go.
But without legs, I couldn't move that fast, and everyone else ended up in combat before I did.
The losers were mercilessly smooshed.
In the end, this lovely trophy that Jason sculpted went to Brad of the blog Skull Crushing for Great Justice.
They should have this event at every game convention


Maj. Diz Aster said...

That really looked like it was fun, wish I had of played it! Did Jason write the rules for it? I'd love to read them. That's the type of game I could use to trick my wife(who doesn't understand why grown men like to throw dice and move soldiers across a tabletop) into trying wargaming so she could see why it's a really enjoyable hobby.

Jaybird said...
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Jaybird said...

I'm really glad everyone had such fun! By popular demand, we ran a second session during open gaming in the afternoon. Brad put the trophy back up for grabs, and a young gamer named Hunter walked away victorious.

Major, the original rules were written by Zeb Cook and appeared in Dragon 125. What we ran was a home rules version which I found on the web:

<a href="></a>

Even so, we wound up making a few of our own judgment calls at the table. Diplomacy in action!

Maj. Diz Aster said...

Thanks Jaybird