Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Starships: Babylon 5 ships

These models don't belong to me (although the asteroid does); they're some of Ed the THW Guy's recent acquisitions.  He tells me they're from the Babylon 5 setting.
I'm not sure what spaceships they are, but these minis look pretty good.  They were painted by the same person who sold Ed some nice-looking Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights minis.
Anyone know which designs these starships are, and who made them?  Please share what information you might have.


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Cool ships! Unfortunately, I don't know the manufacturer, although, I might know what one of the ships is. The ring-shaped one with the triangular fighters attached is a Raider Carrier.

bluebirds40 said...

cool paint job, i saw these on the tmp forum for sale last week, but passed on it,i'm working on narn fleet. they are two raider battlewagons, one raider strike carrier, two civilian frieghters, which can be use as raider frieghter or psi-corp carriers. there babylon 5 ships, only the richest and most p[owerful raider groups has battlewagons, the strike carrier cost everthing that a raider stole in a five year period, which is mentioned on the show.

bluebirds40 said...

i almost forgot, the other one is a drazi ship.

Don M said...

Maj Diz is right and the others are commercial carriers, the one
with the flat boxes is cargo, the larger one is a liner.

Jeremy Herndon said...

These ships use to be avaiable through AOG (Agents of Gamming), as well as Mongoose Publishing, but both are out of business. They are still avaiable through B-3 (form Member name) if you contact him on SCN (Starship Combat News)