Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More goodies in the mail

I started playing Hordes of the Things with the idea that I could use all my old Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures and not spend any money on new figures.  So of course I saw something else on ebay I just had to have, so I spent more money on new (to me) figures for my skeleton army.
This mounted figure intrigued me.  I haven't had a chance to identify it yet, but the seller described it as a necromancer on a cockatrice.  Cool model, but I think I want to redo the paint job.
The main reason I bought this lot was for the skull chucker catapult.  I already have one of these, but another will make for some great long-range firepower.
The siege engine came with its three metal crew figures, and there were also more than a dozen plastic skeletons.  At $18 for the lot, it was a pretty good deal.  Only thing is, look how the plastic model compare to the old metal figure--it towers over the older mini. 
I didn't realize how much scale creep there was till I put these two miniatures side-by-side.  This means I probably won't use these plastics with my Nightmare Legion.  Anyone else turned off by the scale difference?


Ski said...

GW and Battlefront (Flames of War) are really bad with scale creep. Comparing BF's old US infantry to some of their more recent stuff it is very apparent. It makes mixing brands something to avoid. I'm sticking with "off brand" minis from now on - quality is great and when they say 15mm, they mean 15!

Teddy KGB said...

I don't see much of a difference with the skeletons, but when I was actively gaming I always was annoyed with how GW minis always towered over other brands. I suspect they just don't want us mixing and matching to drive their sales.