Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moria game at GuadaComaCon

Two Hour Wargames fan Richard and his son have offered to run a Mines of Moria scenario (from Lord of the Rings) using Two Hour Wargames rules at the upcoming GuadaComaCon.
The game will have room for up to five players.  Help the Fellowship make their way through the mines, past the watcher, goblins, a cave troll, and the Balrog.
The map is a nice 4 x 6 setup, scaled for 25mm miniatures.  Richard didn't specify which ruleset he's using, but I'm guessing it's either Warrior Heroes-Armies and Adventures or a modified version of Swordplay.  Either way, the rules will be easy to learn.
So come on out and check out the Moria setup.  It looks like a fun game.

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Black Vulmea said...

That is very impressive!