Sunday, April 21, 2013

Detailing the Sons of Muspel

Some of the figures I bought to expand my Hordes of the Things fire army to 48 AP aren't actually gaming miniatures, but instead come from the toy line Handful of Heroes, based on Marvel Comics characters.  I found a few of them that came in a translucent orange or yellow to match the rest of my army, but the detail was a little lacking. 
However, a quick drybrush with a couple of colors really brought out the sculpting on these minis.  Compare the unretouched Zzzax figure on the left to the finished one on the right.  I used bright yellow followed by metallic gold to enhance the look of this miniature, and it will look a lot better on the game table.
Likewise, some metallic garnet red and metallic copper give a nice gradient to this model of Sabretooth, making it much less garish than its original appearance.  Put them on stands next to various Heroclix minis I'm using to make elements of Hordes, and they fit right in.
Luckily for me, the rest of these superhero gaming minis don't really need touching up.  I just need to paint these bases, and the ranks of the Sons of Muspel will grow!

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Colgar6 said...

That painting really makes a difference, doesn't it. Great job!