Friday, April 26, 2013

Hero killer

The Nightmare Legion's Artillery element, supported by double-ranked spears on each side, would like to invite your Hero general out to play.  Briefly.

I almost always seem to do well in Hordes of the Things when using Artillery against enemy armies with Hero elements, especially when flanked by Spears.  What's your preferred method for dealing with Hero units in HotT?


Colgar6 said...

Hmm. I think if I was up against such a combination then I'd try to keep the hero out of the line of fire. Given the hero's mobility (especially when compared to the artillery!) and the narrow field of fire, this shouldn't be too hard. Failing that, screen him with some cheap foot on the approach.

As to how I would kill a hero, I don't have any special plans. Most kills in our games come from an overexposed element becoming flanked, so I suppose any group of knights, riders or spears would work well if the hero was rash or unlucky and they could surround him.

Failing that, a magician is always a classic match-up, especially if said wizard is hiding behind something else that the hero has to hack his way through before it gets up close and personal.

HoldFast said...

I have a magician in my army to handle the heroes and flyers. Another hero is also a good hero killer.

Anonymous said...

Magician-I've seen the spell "Hot Tub Break" take Xena and Gabrielle off the table long enough to break the rest of the Amazon army.

Kaptain Kobold said...

Don't kill the Hero. Kill everything else - that way lies victory.

Heroes can be kept busy, of course.