Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HotT big battle

This cocked die on a flat playing surface occurred in one of our games.
Weekend before last, I had some folks over to play Hordes of the Things.  Our first game was a 72-AP big battle, with two players on one side and three on the other.  I brought out my fire army and my skeletons to ally with Mark's Empire (from Warhammer).  Our opponents were Ted with his samurai, Blake's Chaos, and Johnny's Romans.
Mark's Empire troops took the center, with my skellies on the left and Sons of Muspel on the right.  The samurai charged the undead, the Chaos forces trudged toward their Warhammer counterparts in the middle, and the Roman legion marched against the fire army.  My behemoths got into trouble early with the legionnaires, aided by a behemoth of their own.  The Romans ended up routing the fire giants.
Things didn't go too well on the other side of the battle, either.  Tad's well-painted samurai army (Legend of the Five Rings figures) suffered some losses against my Nightmare Legion, but still managed to push them back. 

My props to Ted for a very nice looking fantasy Asian-themed army.  Those guys and gals fought as good as they looked, and the three generals ended up victorious over us two when they reduced Mark and me to less than half our starting AP
It was a fun game, and we were able to get in some more battles that day.  I'll share them with you later on.


Kaptain Kobold said...

Did you use 72AP armies or three 24AP armies on each side? You get a very different style of game depending on which one you use - I was surprised the first time I did a straight 72AP battle.

Desert Scribe said...

Hi, Kap'n! We did three separate commands of 24 AP each on both sides.