Saturday, August 31, 2013

Star Navy at GuadaComaCon

At GuadaComaCon two weeks ago, I ran a six-player game of 5150: Star Navy.  As my camera's battery was dying, I didn't get near as many photos as I would have liked.  My wife did take this pic of me setting up the game.
I ended up using pretty much every asteroid in my collection to help make the battle interesting.
I don't know why this photo appears sideways here, but you can see the half-dozen fleets taking part in this game.  Each side has the same number and type of ships.  Note the Firestorm Armada fleet that belongs to Maj. Diz Aster.  Go to his website for a whole lot more pics of this game.
The game became a free-for-all, with everybody attacking everybody else.  Here you can see five squadrons of fighters converging on a battleship.
The asteroids played a part in the game, with one player forgetting to watch where he was going and taking damage from drifting too close to the space rocks.
I had a good time refereeing this game and the players, some of whom had played SN before and some who hadn't, seemed to enjoy it as well.  Look for this game at Millennium Con in November.


Sean said...

Good looking game. I noticed that google auto rotates pictures, so if you rotate it to see it upright on your computer it gets rotated again on the blog and it displays sideways.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Sean.

Dammit, Google--If I had wanted your "help", I would have asked for it!