Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OGRE/GEV minis part 3: North American Combine

After miniatures for the OGRE and for the Paneuropean Union came out, Ral Partha produced models based on the other faction in the game, the North American Combine.  The vehicles are all the equivalent of the other side's units (although the NAC doesn't have its own missile crawler).  With the exception of the superheavy, I find these designs more aesthetically pleasing than most of the PE sculpts (and I also have them detailed a little bit better).  Without further comment, some of my NAC minis:
NAC command post

NAC GEV personnel carrier

NAC Ground Effect Vehicles

NAC howitzer

NAC heavy tanks

NAC infantry in three-squad units

NAC missile tanks

NAC mobile howitzer

NAC superheavy tank
I have additional units, such as the hovertruck and the light artillery drone, that aren't pictured because I don't have them painted.  They can be found in the OGRE Miniatures rulebook, which is available in PDF format.


Porky said...

They all look great, but the ground effect vehicles are just cool! They show the age of the range, but in the best possible way. I love the painting style too. It's simple, and gives a great sense of heavy, ancient and weathered equipment.

ArmChairGeneral said...

I love the Ogre stuff! Nice blog!

Desert Scribe said...

Porky and General, thanks for your kind comments. It's nice to know others still find this game and the associated minis interesting.