Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frostgrave in the House (of Longreach)

The exploration (or is that exploitation?) of the Frozen City continues. In our most recent Lich Lord campaign game, we entered The House of Longreach--an ancient mansion with magical doorways.
Unfortunately, those doors were hard for my wizard and her crew to get working. While the portals are supposed to transfer characters to the treasure room, or to other doorways on the battlefield, Quarell, my crossbowman, stepped through one door and got teleported out of the game.
It was a good crowd, though: Four of us longtime players paired off to play the Longreach scenario on separate boards, while another veteran, Jon, introduced a new player to Frostgrave on a third setup.
Unfortunately, most of my characters ended up taking damage from the malfunctioning dimensional portals. My opponent, Wes, was more fortunate, and had a couple of characters zap on over next to my apprentice.
Meanwhile, my two treasure hunters (Frick and Frack, members in good standing of the Guild of Condotierre, Linkboys, Roustabouts, and Stevedores, Marlinko chapter) managed to cart a couple of treasures off the board. Nice, but I was hoping for more valuable loot from the vault.

Unfortunately, about this time the bad guys showed up: Four death cultists along with a zombie troll. I hate it when that happens.
My enchanter had made it to the treasure room by now, along with Smith, her knight protector. Unfortunately, my opponent's soldiers crowded into the room, too, and they weren't going to let me just leave with the treasure.
Neither were the pair of frost wraiths set to guard these valuables from someone trying to appropriate these items, like my enchanter and her soldiers.
Between the undead guardians and my opponent's soldiers, my knight was quick to be taken down. Of course, the guardians ended up killing four of Wes's soldiers as well.
Over on the other Longreach board, the other players had their own problems to deal with inside another treasure room.
My poor enchantress also fell to the icy touch of the frost wraith (don't worry; she made her survival roll after the game, but it was still frustrating).
Back outside, the apprentice and remaining soldiers waited vainly for their leader's return.
The appearance of the undead troll gave them something to do, and Stout, the large construct, lumbered over to protect the rest of the warband.
Stout ended up barreling over the troll zombie, providing my warband some experience for defeating the undead creature.
At this point, I only had four figures on the board. While the rival warband didn't have that many more than me, I figured it was time to call it a day.
I'm glad we have a new player for Frostgrave; if everyone shows up to play next time, that will bring our group up to seven players. Even if we don't have full attendance, it's nice to game with a regular group.