Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hail Caesar battle report

I played my first game of Hail Caesar last fall at MillenniumCon. Last weekend, I had a chance to play another game with the local players who introduced it to me at the convention. I took a force of Roman auxiliaries, while the two other players on my side had actual legions.
We faced off against a couple of Celt armies. The Romans' goal was to recover three battle standards that had been stolen by the barbarians. Their goal was to stop us. Unfortunately, the player did not make several command rolls, meaning his army stood and watched while mine advanced.
I like these shots of my heavy auxiliaries (above) and medium auxiliaries (below) moving out toward the enemy.
I also had a cavalry detachment. In Hail Caesar, infantry don't usually stand up to a mounted charge.
These barbarians were no exception; they turned and ran as my cav hit them.
Meanwhile, the legions commanded by the other players were getting into it heavy with the other barbarian forces.
A lot of back-and-forth, as each side threw in all their available troops.
Even the generals joined the battle, adding their dice to the total that each unit in combat rolled.
Finally, the barbarians made a roll to get another force on the board. By this time, the Romans had recovered two of their standards and were backing away from the battlefield. We called the game, which everyone enjoyed.
It was a fun learning experience, and I hope to play Hail Caesar again soon.


Gonsalvo said...

We played HC once about 5 years ago, and enjoyed it, even though In dislike saving throws as a game mechanism. I'd play it again.

Desert Scribe said...

It's a fun game, and I like playing as the Romans.