Wednesday, March 29, 2017

HotT night bonus material

Here are some other Hordes of the Things and DBA armies I saw at the HotT game night last week. Note that these are all 15mm scale (40mm base width) as opposed to my preferred 25/28mm (60mm base width). First, here's a battle between orcs and elves (with eagle allies). I think these are actually 10mm figures, maybe Warmaster.
Next, we have a fight with orcs and goblins from contemporary fantasy gaming on one side and Asag and the Stone Allies from Sumerian myth on the other.
Here's a closeup of the demon Asag (in the back) and his army of enchanted stones.
And here's a detail shot of the greenskins.
Finally, there was a game of DBA going on as well, Indians vs. Selucids (I think).
Some great detailing on the chariots and elephant.
Anyone else played Hordes of the Things or De Bellis Antiquitatus lately, or working on an army?

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