Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OGRE/GEV minis part 2: Paneuropean Union

Once you have some giant robotic tanks for your OGRE/GEV game, you need some human forces to oppose them.  The first miniatures released for the game were modeled after the designs on the cardboard counters for the paper version, which depicted the vehicles of the Paneuropean Union. 

The most important unit on the board doesn't do anything: the command post is there as a target; if the OGRE gets within firing range, the game is over.  Even if the OGRE doesn't have any weapons left, it can still run over the CP to end the game.  Here's what all the fuss is about:

Paneuropean command post, based on the original game art.
The initial game had just four types of conventional units to face the implacable OGRE: stalwart heavy tanks, far-reaching missile tanks, swift ground effect vehicles (GEVs), immobile howitzers, and the poor bloody infantry.  Now-defunct Martian Metals originally came out with the sculpts, and Ral Partha later took over the line, ultimately followed by Steve Jackson Games.

Heavy tank; lack of detailing makes this the Martian Metals version.


Missle tanks--the one on the right is the older sculpt.
PE infantry, in three-squad units.
Expansions of the game, including GEV and Shockwave, gave players new units to work with.  Light tanks and light GEVs, superheavy tanks, GEV personnel carriers, and mobile howitzers all added new strategies to the game.
GEV personnel carrier
Light GEVs
Light tanks
Superheavy tank

Mobile howitzer
Shockwave also produced one of the coolest--and now, rarest miniatures of the line: the PE missile crawler.  Although all the other models are still in production, I understand the master for this design was lost, meaning you won't be seeing any new crawlers available.  Take a look:
The missile crawler comes in three parts: front, back w/missile bed, & cruise missile.
These designs are all pretty dated (or retro, if you prefer).  For a look at a more modern execution of these concepts, you'll have to read my post on the North American Combine minis ....

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