Monday, January 3, 2011

Unfinished business

Like most wargamers, I end up buying more miniatures than I ever end up painting.  As an incentive to myself, I'm going to share a list of all the bare metal (and plastic) in my storage bins.  Hopefully this will get me to complete some of these figures by the end of the year.

Hordes of the Things

 In addition to my unpainted Citadel skeletons (metal and plastic) from WFB and Imperial Army from 40K I need to paint up to expand my existing HotT armies, I have a number of dwarves from a variety of manufacturers I need to complete for my United Dwarven Nations army.  Then, I need to paint the opposing army, composed of Warlord orcs and goblins, along with a Dark Heaven half-orc, all from Reaper.  Oh, and since I knocked over my container and broke all my 40K minis off their bases--again--I need to rebase all the completed figures for my 40K army.

OGRE Miniatures

I still have dozens of armored vehicles and a handful of infantry I need to get painted or finish basing.  I haven't played this game in quite some time, so it's pretty low priority.

Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights

This is where I feel most intimidated.  A couple of years ago, I went on an ebay buying frenzy and ended up with a ton of stuff.  I'm proud that I got as much painted as I did, but I still have quite a ways to go.  Here's a breakdown by classification of all my unfinished spaceship minis:
  • FIGHTERS: I've got 286 SfW/GK fighters, less than half of them painted and based.  Unfortunately, most of the paint jobs were already on these minis when I acquired them secondhand, and I need to strip and repaint them in the appropriate fleet colors.  I also have 15 fighters originally for Stardate: 3000 in need of basing and painting.
  • STAR BOMBERS: I have four star bombers (almost completely) painted and two primered.  That leaves 19 more vessels pigment-free and waiting for me get them ready for the table (seven Avarian, three Carnivore, three Entomalian, and six more Terran).
  • ARMORED PURSUIT SHIPS: My three Carnivore and two Entomalian APSs are already painted; that just leaves the half-dozen Terran craft, which are primered in gray (as opposed to my usual black).
  • DESTROYERS: One dozen of my DDs are already painted.  I just need to finish four more Terran ships, in both red and white markings to complete this ship class.
  • DESTROYER LEADERS: Just one Terran DL I need to paint in OpFor markings to join my other Terran destroyer leader in the standard color scheme and the lone Avarian DL, already painted.
  • CRUISERS: Two more Avarian, two more Entomalian, and one more Terran need paint jobs to join the twelve cruisers that I already finished.
  • BATTLECRUISERS: Another pair of Avarian BCs, along with two Ents and a Terran, are still unpainted, compared to the six completed battlecruisers.  Oh, and I need to fix the one I broke.
  • CARRIERS: I just have a single Avarian attack carrier, one Entomalian, and two Terrans left out of eleven total.
  • DREADNOUGHTS: Only one more DN, an Avarian, left.  The other Avarian and the Terran dreadnoughts are already painted.
  • GALACTIC DREADNOUGHTS: I only have one GDN, and it doesn't even have primer on it.
  • SUPER GALACTIC DREADNOUGHTS: I own five of these, but none of them are ready for the table: the Terran SGDN is primered, I need to trade one of my two Entomalians for an Aquarian, I need to paint my Avarian, and I need to strip my Carnivoran before I can paint it.
  • OTHER: I have five additional Stardate: 3000 pursuit ships (these are small scouts, interceptors, and assault craft that are too big to use as fighters but too tiny to use as star bombers--maybe they'll be shuttles or scenario objectives) and an unassembled Cepheus-class attack carrier that looks to be a pain in the ass to put together.  I also have a space station from Battlfleet Gothic that will be easy to assemble and paint but I just haven't gotten around to yet.  Then there are my ideas for a scratchbuild asteroid outpost using spare bits and a rock I found in the driveway and a scratchbuilt agri-ship along the lines of Silent Running, and who knows what else ...
There you have it.  Of course, I can't foresee getting all my spaceship minis on the table in a single game (at least one that's playable in less than a weekend), but it would be nice to have them all painted whenever I need a certain ship type for a game.  Of course, designing such a scenario would be challenging, and I do like designing scenarios.  Hmmm ....


Porky said...

Thanks for the look. It's always interesting getting a peek into fuller collections and behind the scenes. That's really an impressive range of models, and there's no doubting your commitment to the space combat cause!

ckutalik said...

Now I don't feel so bad for all that unpainted lead and pewter taking up the hall closet.


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