Friday, January 21, 2011

Because I don't have enough stuff to paint

I recently acquired some more miniatures on ebay to add to my collection of Star Frontiers ships.  I lucked out and snagged a complete box of Federation ships (battleship, destroyer, frigate, freighter, and two assault scouts) and three blister packs of Fed scouts and frigates (with two of each type):
Most of these ships will join my other civilian transports.  I'm not sure what to do with the assault scouts; they're not much bigger than a Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights fighter, and they're too conventional to fly alongside my more exotic starships.  The assault scouts might fit in well with some of my Stardate: 3000 attack craft that are similar in size; I'll have to post a comparison photo soon.

Also, I found this interesting: The backs of the blister packaging are printed with "Adventure Squares," something that looks like deck plans of a starship for use with miniature figures or counters:
(Sidenote: I remember playing the Star Frontiers roleplaying game and remarking to my friends that I wished D&D had the same level of tactical combat.  My friend replied that it did--but we just ignored those rules when we played.)


ckutalik said...

Feed the beast!

I think this is called enabling behavior.

Porky said...

Spaceships and floorplans both - that's gaming. This is how the future has to look too!