Monday, February 7, 2011

Gallery: The Nightmare Legion

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones ...
Time for another photo gallery; this time it's my skeleton army for Hordes of the Things, more formally known as the Nightmare Legion but usually referred to as my skeletons.

Magician general (necromancer) @ 4 AP                            4
Artillery (skullchucker catapult) @ 3 AP                             3
Spears x 4 (Nightmare Legion) @ 2 AP                              8
Shooters x 4 (skeletal archers and handgunners) @ 2 AP    8
Lurker (skeleton arising from the grave) @ 1 AP                  1
The magician general is an old (pre-1990) Citadel necromancer.

This Citadel skullchucker catapult serves as the artillery element.
These four spears elements came from Citadel's Nightmare Legion boxed set.
These four shooters elements are a mix of Citadel and Marauder metal figures.
Closeup of the stand of handgunners.
These old sculpts sure had character, didn't they?  This one serves as the lurker.


Martin said...

That's a lot of nostalgia crammed into one post! :)

Is this a "regular size" army for Hordes of Things? I like collecting armies, but not when they grow to large... Hehe!

Desert Scribe said...

Yes, Martin--the standard size army in HotT is 24 AP. This makes building new armies easy and cheap.