Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gratuitous fleet photo

Just because.


Spartan 117 said...

Okay, now let's see some gratuitous fleet-on-fleet action. LOL! Once I finish my AmRep fleet need to figure out how to get a game going. My red fleet vs. your red fleet.

Spartan 117

Matgc said...

What do you think about writing a post with a little summary on the Galactic Knights rules? (phases on each game turn, movement and weapons fire, etc.)

I'm still searching a definite ruleset for my games, and some feedback on the GK rules would be nice before I decide giving their rulebook a chance.

Desert Scribe said...

Sounds good, Spartan 117--let me know when your ships are ready, and we can rendezvous for battle.

Matgc, that's a good idea, and I will do an in-depth review of the game soon. For now, here's an overview of Galactic Knights: http://supergalacticdreadnought.blogspot.com/2010/08/galactic-knights-glance.html

Spartan 117 said...

That's a roger Desert Scribe.