Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting your game on

Snakes!  Why'd it have to be snakes?  (from a D&D game a few months back)
I've mentioned before that I'm a participant in the Hill Cantons campaign, and I'm looking forward to this week's session.  I enjoy playing a non-computer version of D&D and riffing off the ideas of the other players and ckutalik, our DM.  To me, this creative synergy is what makes RPGs fun--the idea that pretty much anything you can come up with might have a chance to work, as opposed to straightforward wargames (which I also enjoy) that have a rule for everything.

The HC crew tends to meet once every two to four weeks for an afternoon of gaming.  It'd be great if we could play more often, but real life and geography make it difficult to stick to a more set schedule.

Speaking of wargaming, I also used to be a regular attendee of the Lone Star Historical Miniatures (San Antonio chapter) game nights at Dragon's Lair, but work and distance have conspired to keep me away for several months.  I joined LSHM to get back into gaming after a 10- or 15-year hiatus.

Currently, I get some of my gaming fix painting and blogging, but it's nice to actually sit down at a table and roll some dice against an opponent or the GM. 

I'd like to hear from y'all--how often are you able to game?  When was the last time you played a wargame or RPG with other gamers?


ckutalik said...

Why'd it have to be snakes?

Because the GM bought a bag of them the day before.

What's sad is that even playing on our once every third or fourth week schedule, I get the impression that we play more than many folks our age.

It's just frequent enough to keep some sense of what's going on fresh, but just a little to long for me to get my full fix in.

At any rate I love our ongoing campaign (now hitting it's second year anniversary I believe this month).

pahoota said...

15 years at least unfortunately. I recently moved near Nashville, so perhaps there's hope...

Desert Scribe said...

15 years! That's about how long I was away from a regular RPG group before I joined the Hill Cantons campaign.