Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Starships: Carnivorans

This week our featured starfleet is the Carnivorans from the Galactic Knights line of minis by Monday Knight Productions (originally the Starfleet Wars collection from Superior Models).
This felinoid fleet consists of the following ships:
  • Den-class galactic attack carrier
  • Lion-class galactic battlecruiser
  • Panther-class stellar cruisers (2)
  • Cheetah-class stellar destroyer
  • Kitten-class star armored pursuit ships (3)
  • Snarl-class starbombers (3)
 Some of you might recall I had a little accident with the battlecruiser.  Fortunately, I got it all fixed.
The paint scheme for these minis is the result of successive drybrushings of burnt umber, autumn leaves (a kind of orange), and yellow ocher.  Speaking of painting, the deck of that carrier kind of reminds me of a Jackson Pollack piece. 
I want to get some more ships for this fleet--a couple of destroyers, a destroyer leader, another BC and some dreadnoughts.  I also need to paint my Polecat-class super galactic dreadnought, the only Carnivoran ship I haven't painted.  So many projects, so little time.


RavenFeast said...

Looks great! Going red with mine,

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, RF. Can't wait to see them. Red's a good choice for the Carnies--as I recall, the starships of the catlike Kzinti in the series of Man-Kzin Wars short stories and novels are painted that color.

Matgc said...

This color scheme is simply beautiful. I'm definitely gonna copy that, too, he he.

It looks perfect for a feline race. You mentioned the colors, but what brand was it? I wanna get the exactly same paints (what I am going to paint on that is another story...)

I was wandering if are there any official or fan made attempt to portray those races facial looks? It always gets my mind going when I come across stuff like that, reptilian races, feline races, avarian races, etc.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, Matgc. The brand of those paints is Folk Art, which I picked up from a local craft store.

Regarding how the race looks, there is an illustration of a Carnivoran warrior in the Starfleet Wars Identification Manual. I have a post on that book here:

Also, Superior Models produced a range of 100mm figures that I wrote about here:

Kurt said...

Excellent work! I first discovered Starfleet Wars at GenCon East II back in 1982. I bought all the rules that were out at the time and it's always a nice walk down memory lane to get them out and look at the partially painted minis that I have.