Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Starships: Aquarians

Sorry I haven't been posting lately; real life, lassitude, and lack of inspiration have all taken their toll.  But we're back with this week's installment of Sunday Starships.  Our featured starfleet today is the Aquarian Alliance from the Galactic Knights line of minis by Monday Knight Productions (originally the Starfleet Wars collection from Superior Models).
This is the smallest fleet in my collection of Five Powers ships:
  • Stingray-class galactic attack carriers (2)
  • Shark-class galactic battlecruiser
  • Barracuda-class stellar cruisers (2)
  • Piranha-class stellar destroyers (5)
I just realized, even though I have two carriers for this fleet, I don't have enough Aquarian starfighter models to fill out the small craft contingent for both flattops.  If I want to field both carriers at the same time, I'm gonna have to proxy.  Luckily, I own plenty of Terran fighters; I can spare a few to paint in Aquarian colors.
I'd like to get some more models for this fleet--a destroyer leader, a galactic dreadnought, and a Behemoth-class carrier; maybe some starbombers and SAPS.
This is also the only one of my Five Powers starfleets which doesn't have a super galactic dreadnought (painted or unpainted) in its table of organization.  I have an extra Entomalian SGDN I'm looking to get rid of, so if anyone wants to trade ...


Don M said...

my carnies are painted somewhat like that .....)

Desert Scribe said...

So you gonna bring 'em to New Braunfels next month?

Matgc said...

Hi, Desert Scribe.

Those movement rules of GK you explained in a previous post seem pretty nice, but don't they tend to make the game board messy, with all those drift tokens around?

I mean, how do you do to keep track of what token belongs to what ship, once you get a dozen models on table per side?

Don M said...

Sure I'll bring them if you like...)

Desert Scribe said...

Hi, Matgc. Check back tomorrow for an answer to your question.

Sure, Don. I'd like to take a look at your ships, if it isn't too much trouble to haul them down here.