Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Starships: Entomalians

This week I present my the Entomalians* from the Galactic Knights line of minis by Monday Knight Productions (originally the Starfleet Wars collection from Superior Models).
Since the Ents are an insectoid race, I painted them in a manner meant to evoke the iridescent shells of beetles.
This collection of vessels isn't nearly as numerous as my Terran fleet.  The bug fleet has the following spaceships:
  • Hive-class galactic attack carriers (2)
  • Roach-class galactic battlecruiser
  • Scorpion-class galactic battlecruiser
  • Hornet-class stellar cruisers (3)
  • Wasp-class stellar destroyer
  • Louse-class star armored pursuit ships (2)
  • Sting-class starbombers (3)
I have almost all of my Entomalians painted--the only bare bug ship is a Swarm-class super galactic dreadnought.  I actually have two of these models, but I'd like to trade the second Swarm for an Aquarian Typhoon-class SGDN, the only version of this ship type I don't have.
I also want to get a few more destroyers and a Mandible-class destroyer leader, as well as a Mantis-class galactic dreadnought, but that's further down the road--probably when I pick up the Entomalian expansion for Galactic Knights.

*Although Galactic Knights spells it "Entomolian", I'm going with the original spelling from Starfleet Wars.


Don M said...

These look great!

Matgc said...

Beautiful color scheme there! I'll copy that on the Firestorm Armada Aquan Fleet I'll be picking on the near future.

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks, y'all! I'm glad the paint job is inspirational.