Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Lost Platoon (part 2)

Yesterday I blogged about my WH40K army I converted for Hordes of the Things.  As I stated in that post, I had plenty of additional figures, which I used to bring my Imperial Army (it's from back before it became the Imperial Guard) up to 48 AP. 

At the time I was adding elements to this army, I had never played an army with a hero element.  I figured an Imperial Kommissar would make a good hero, and based him with a medic figure for support:
I also had this great Ogryn mini that deserved some playing time, so I based him as another hero:
At the opposite end of the spectrum, I had a ratling (space halfling) figure that doesn't look like much.  I based him as a lurker, and my opponents found out--you don't mess with him!

I still had some rank-and-file Imperial army troopers to fill out a few more shooters elements:
I still like these sculpts from the late 1980s.
And remember when the Emperor let beastmen serve in the Imperial Army?
My collection included a couple of cyborgs or mechanic-type figures, so I decided to base them as blades.  The machine-men serve as bodyguards to the general:
Finally, I had some vehicles which, although they don't function as well in the HotT fantasy dimension as they did in their plane of origin, still perform on the tabletop.  First is a pair of old jetbikes, which I use as elements of flyers:
Finally, I have an old Imperial Army landspeeder, which for my purposes makes a damn fine airboat:
I need to get this army on the table again.  But first I need to repair it--pretty much every mini came off its base when I knocked the box on the floor.  Something else for the to-do list ...


Don M said...

Nice to see the old IG again

HoldFast said...

Damn Lost Platoon! Don't think I've ever beaten them!