Friday, April 13, 2012

Dungeon crawl: THW style

Got together this week with Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy and helped him playtest a rough version of a dungeon crawl game that he's working on. 
It's still in the early stages and uses a deck of regular playing cards to determine the dungeon layout and your group encounters.
We used the free Swordplay rules, with that game's In Sight test, for combat.  We had three battles between a trio of adventures and five or six goblins; the first group included a leader.
 The battles were quick and deadly.  I enjoyed putting the rules through their paces and offering suggestions regarding the game.  We sure did seem to encounter a lot of goblins, though :)
All the figures are from Reaper Miniatures, and Ed tells me they're painted by Combatpainter, who lives on the border.  The "dungeon" is actually 4"x4" floor tiles.
After that, we had time to play out a three-round smoker bout using the Friday Night Fights rules.  This game is similar to the gladiator rules in that you need to know when to conserve your bonus dice and when to spend them--but unlike Red Sand Blue Sky, you don't get a chance to get more bonus dice during play. 
I ended up KOing my opponent at the very end of the last round after he ran out of bonus dice.
The "ring" is a printout from the game.  I forgot to ask where the minis came from.  My thanks to Ed for once again hosting the gamenight.


Mik said...

The dungeon-crawler sounds cool but I'm surprisingly curious about the boxing game. I heard about it but didn't know what to think really.

Evilcartoonist said...

FWI- Those boxers are from a nice little set (complete with Burgess Meredith lookalike) put out by Pulp Figures in their Gangland Justice range.