Monday, April 9, 2012

Looting Quasqueton (more nonstandard treasure items)

I finally dug up my copy of In Search of the Unknown, so I'm able to supplement my list of nonstandard treasure items for Holmes basic D&D.  Here are all the nonstandard treasure items from module B1, by loose category (all values are in gold pieces):

cloak, pewter-studded (aged)                 15
Decorative Items
goblet, engraved crystal                     15
mirror, silver                               90
mug, pewter                                   5
painting, large                             300
pitcher, pewter                              15
plaque, walnut w/engraved silver piece       25
statue, onyx                                200
statue, white marble (life-size woman)     5000
statuette, bronze w/silver & copper         115
tapestry, 3' x 4' (damaged)                  40
tapestry, 6' x 8'                           100
Functional  Items
bed baseboard, carved rosewood              100
bed headboard, carved rosewood w/gold leaf  500
bed sideboard, carved rosewood              100
book, Zelligar's diary                       50
comb, silver-plated                           5
rod, gold, small                             30
bracelet, silver                              8
medallion, golden                            20
medallion, silver on chain                   50
ring, gold                                   10
Have fun storming the castle! :)


ckutalik said...

It's a shame that they don't have a list price for Cat in a Jar.

Black Vulmea said...

I should really do this for Flashing Blades adventures for my campaign.

Thanks for the suggestion.