Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Starships: Painted Sathar models

I finished some of my Sathar ships from the Star Frontiers miniatures game Knight Hawks, a light cruiser and two frigates. 
I was having trouble figuring out how to paint these.  In the end, I decided to keep the tye-dye look on the first Sathar frigate.  Looking to earlier paint jobs I'd done, I was inspired to decorate the other frigate in the livery of the Capellan Raiders.
For the light cruiser, with its bulbous, industrial look, I concluded that ships like this would be a mainstay of the Vogon Construction Fleet.
I painted this entire vessel with a bright orange.  That made it look too ... orange, but a brownish ink wash took some of the orangeness away, as well as bringing out details on the ship.
I then drybrushed with a yellow ochre color, to give the ship a little more depth and convey a worn appearance.  I'm happy with how this ship came out.  It will make a nice target for pirates when it's not constructing hyperspace bypasses.
I still have one more Sathar light cruiser to finish painting.  I'm out of time, so I'll post more photos of the two completed frigates later on.

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bluebirds40 said...

good job on painting them. there on my list of minis to buy, last year i picked up a few scouts and frigates.