Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Steve Jackson doesn't need my help

Image from Steve Jackson Games.
The OGRE Designer's Edition Kickstarter campaign had more than $205,000 in pledges as of late Tuesday evening. 

Not only is that amount 10 times what Steve Jackson Games needed to fund this project, but it's also enough for SJG to put some nice extras into the game--both the Kickstarter version and the regular retail version--things like bigger dice, extra maps and counters, and so on, as well as some more scenarios on the company's website.  It looks like the fundraising for this game will set some kind of record.

So it looks like there's plenty of support in the gaming community right now for this venerable sci-fi tank wargame.

With that in mind, I've made my decision on where I will obtain my copy of the designer's edition.  I'd asked this question earlier, and comments were overwhelmingly in favor of supporting Steve Jackson via Kickstarter (not to mention the extras you get by doing so).  However, I'm gonna buy it from Dragon's Lair.  After all, the local gaming store as tables for anyone to use--and it doesn't have to be a game you bought at that store. 

I've spent many Saturdays at the San Antonio Lair playing Hordes of the Things or Galactic Knights--two games you won't find on the store shelves.  And they let Lone Star Historical Miniatures meet there and play games every Tuesday night.  They also will order items for you, and let you know when the store gets the merchandise.

I want to support Steve Jackson and OGRE--and I am, by purchasing the sixth edition of the game once it comes out.  But I also want to support my friendly local game store--so I'm buying it retail from them, even though the Kickstarter version comes out earlier and with more stuff.  I'm content with this decision, because I want to be able to play OGRE (or any other wargame) at the game store as well as at someone's house.  But do you plan on buying the new version of OGRE?  If so, are you gonna go Kickstarter, FLGS, or both?


Gonsalvo said...

A you say, the game company seems to be doing fine on this one - If we want there to be local game stores, they need some support from us, especially if they go out of their way to be accomodating to our games and our orders!

Mik said...

If you were truly "kickstarting" the Ogre project, sure, buy it there. Based on what you've said here, and what a nice FLGS you've got, supporting them is the right move.

Mike Slade said...

The kickstarter copy is going to be my personal copy and like Supermacy I will be buying at second copy (at my local games store) for convention use. Of course if they sell the extra maps & counters thru stores or e23 I'll buy them because I want to crush any other games at the conventions.

J Womack, Esq. said...

I was going to go with the Kickstarter, because my LGS is NOT a favorite. When it got sold, it went to the crapper. So, I'll go for the Kickstarter deal.

I hope Steve figures out he could sell more lead minis with OGRE this hot again.

Eli Arndt said...

So, with the project doing so well is SJG going to put actual minis into the game instead of the buildable card things?

Dartfrog said...

It's funny this came up today as I was talking with the owner of my Favorite game store about this issue last night. He was lamenting how these things continue to divert revenue away from the game stores who need it. What compensation will he get when people come in to play it in his store?

Joshua said...

Given that the local FLGS closed down almost two years ago, I've chosen to stick with the kickstarter.

It'll be nice to introduce the game to what remains of my gaming group with something so shiny and fresh.

Don M said...

not wild about the non-lead miniatures...OK I'm a purest...)

onefreeman said...

The Kickstarter now has a retailer support level - encourage the Dragon's Lair crew to order it themselves, and then you get to support the FLGS *and* get all the Kickstarter bonus kit!