Monday, April 16, 2012

Some closeups of my Sathar frigate, painted in the tiger stripes of the Capellan Raiders from the old Terran Trade Authority books.
The inspiration for this game from another spaceship gamer (see here)--but looking once more at his photo, I think I may have to repaint mine!
It took about three coats of yellow paint for this job to work, because for I had spray primed this ship gray, then for some reason brushed it a darker gray.
Once I painted it, I gave the ship a gray wash, then drybrushed in the same color to provide a little definition for the edges.
Not the world's best paint job, but it looks good at arm's length on the table.  I'll have to see how it looks next to the starbomber I painted the same way.


bluebirds40 said...

cool paint job

Don M said...

I had to put up my version of the Capellan Raiders....)

thedrake70458 said...

WOW! Didnt know you had cited my work--thanks for looking at my Capellan campaign stuff.

Like your paint jobs,especially the Star Bomber.Am about to paint some more Silent Death ships as the Capellans need reinforcements.

Don,where are your Capellans posted at please?


Desert Scribe said...

Mark, here are Don's Capellan ships.