Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hippie ship

This is the Sathar frigate with the paint job that I was unsure about.  Yeah, it looks like a Grateful Dead t-shirt, but I kinda like it.
After seeking advice here and on The Miniatures Page, I decided to go ahead and keep this color scheme.
I did try to blend the colors a little better, and I used a brown ink wash to bring out details.
After some time, I think this paint job has grown on me.  With this color scheme, the ship can serve as an alien scout craft or a trillionaire's luxury yacht.
Still one more Sathar (a light cruiser) to go, then I'll have all my Sathar ships completed.  But don't worry; after that, I've still got plenty of metal to paint.


Matgc said...


I'm planning of something like that for the Avarians, once I get them.

I want some color mix to resemble birds.

I'm probably going to do so with drybrush, though.

Don M said...

I'm thinking of doing my Sathar
in brown and dry brushed gold/bronze and steal highlights.

Ski said...

It's pimp-tight, but how about some ID numbers / symbols to break up the showroom-floor finish? I'm thinking something along the lines of ISC ID codes or maybe faux Arab script which seems suitable for Sathar.

Sings-With-Spirits said...


I'm wondering if you had any objection to my photoshopping some of your Star Frontiers minis pics for inclusion in the Star Frontiers Wiki:


Desert Scribe said...

Hi Sings-With-Spirits,

Go ahead and use my SF minis pics for the wiki. I just ask that you give me credit for the photos and the paint jobs, and post a link back to my blog.

Please let me know once they're up, and I'll link to them in a post on Super Galactic Dreadnought,