Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Civil War Saturday

I haven't played any minis in about a month, so when some of the San Antonio guys put together a game day in a classroom at a local university, I was up for it.  The guys were playing a Civil War game using a variant of the DBA rules.  Blake was playing the Yankees, and I helped Johnny command the Rebels.  Blake supplied the miniatures and the terrain.
The battle wasn't any historical scenario, just a chance to put some brigades out there and get a feel for the period.  It played pretty much like DBA or Hordes of the Things, but required the use of markers (combat could result in a unit being shaken or badly shaken, which had an effect on further combat involving that unit).  All in all, I prefer games where you don't need some kind of tokens to indicate unit status--one of the beauties of HotT is that all the information regarding combat outcomes is indicated by just moving the unit--but sometimes they're a necessary evil.
One other nitpick: an unfavorable result against artillery caused the gun battery to become shaken and to recoil, something that didn't seem right to me.  Whenever we play Johnny Reb, I recall artillery units dueling against each other, and when one got shot up the crew might abandon it, but the unit itself didn't back up.  Still, it was an enjoyable game, and I'm glad I got the chance to play.  Anyone else get to roll dice and move around minis this weekend?

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