Monday, September 10, 2012

Pocket version of OGRE returns

Image via SJ Games
As one of the bonuses for its super-successful Kickstarter project, Steve Jackson Games is bringing back the micro-sized version of OGRE.  That's right, no minis, no 3-D cardboard counters, just the original version of the game, with the little half-inch black & white counters on an 8.5" X 11" paper map. 

This version will be a lot more portable than the 14-pound Designer's Edition.  Maybe if this edition sells well, they'll produce a pocket-sized version of the sequel GEV as well.

Not only are the components retro, but so's the price: $2.95, just like when OGRE first came out.  Who's planning on picking up the OGRE pocket edition when it comes out in 2013?


Robert Morris said...

I'll be getting a copy as part of the rewards for supporting the Kickstarter, but this is one of the things that got me excited about being a supporter. I can't wait to get my copy on the table as part of my regular beer and board games night at the pub down the street! Hopefully, I can get a few more people to pick up a copy and help convince SJG that they should do more mini-games. GEV would be a natural, but I'd love to see other reprints as well.

Robert Morris said...
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Ski said...

I have a nearly mint copy of Ogre / GEV double-combo set. The rule book contains both games and the map is reversible. I do need to take it out and play it one of these days. GEV may have been my first wargame ever.

Sean Robson said...

Sweet! I wasn't interested in the big, deluxe Ogre game, but I would definitely buy the original pocket-box version.