Thursday, September 6, 2012

Playtesting All Things Zombie-Final Fade Out

This week was my last game with Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy, who's moving out west.  We playtested his revised zed game, All Things Zombie-Final Fade Out
We picked up where Ed had left off, with the adventures of Jim Bob Joe, a Rep 4 Grunt.  A random event came up: cell phone ringing nearby, so Jim Bob went to answer it (no one was on the other end).  He then went into a nearby building to search for loot.
He found food, but because he got distracted eating Snickers, he forgot to lock the door, and a couple of undead followed him into the building.
Melee against zombies is pretty easy if you have a friend with you, but with a solo character there's no room for error--one bad roll with no backup and you're history.  Jim Bob made some poor rolls and ended up getting chomped on by the pair of zeds.
I quickly rolled for another grunt, a Rep 4 ganger.  Unfortunately, she ended up in a room in hand-to-hand combat with four or five zombies.
It was easy to roll for another character, this time a Rep 5 ganger grunt.  He found a Rep 3 survivor in another building, and they scored some good loot before making it off the board.
 It was a fun test drive of the new ATZ rules; you can tell a great story using the dice and the FFO rules.
It was great getting one last chance to game with Ed.  I'm lucky I got to know him over the past year or so, and I'm sorry to see him move.  Still, we'll keep in touch via the internet, and I wish him and his wife the best in their journey to their new home.

EDIT: Here's Ed's after-action report of this game.


Maj. Diz Aster said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed ATZ-FFO. I own a copy of All Things Zombie-Better Dead Than Zed and I'm looking forward to buying a copy of Final Fade Out once Ed is able to release it. Sorry that Ed is moving too.

Gonsalvo said...

Nothing better than having a regular gaming opponent/friend nearby, and not much worse than losing one!