Friday, September 7, 2012

This week's gaming score--

--but not from Half-Price.  Instead, Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy was downsizing his collection before the moving van arrives.  He was gracious enough to offer a few rulebooks to me before taking the lot to sell at HPB.

I went home with Song of the Splintered Lands, a campaign sourcebook for Song of Blades and Heroes. This book should provide me with plenty of scenario ideas, and maybe even get me to run a SoBaH campaign.  I also snagged an actual print (as opposed to PDF) version of the second edition of Full Thrust from the early '90s.  Even though I have an electronic copy, and it's been superseded by all the sourcebooks, it's a cool artifact of miniature spaceship gaming.  Finally, I picked up the rulebook for Noble Armada, a spaceship combat game set in the Fading Suns universe (which I don't know anything about).  I've just skimmed the rules, and it has a vector system and what looks like pretty detailed damage and weapons.  Unfortunately, this was part of a boxed set, and I don't know what the ship record sheets are supposed to look like, but I like reading different rulesets.

Thanks, Ed, for letting me have these rulebooks.  They should entertain me, but not as much as our weekly game nights.

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