Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On the beach

From the first raft and reed boat, ambatche and catamaran, the waters have beckoned men to come and explore.
-- Dungeon Masters Guide, p. 53

Yeah, I got to hang out at the beach last week when I went to a conference for work.  Life's rough, I know.  So turning this photobrag into something game-related, anyone do games (roleplaying or minis) set mostly on or around the beach?  Or what about sea battles or adventures?


Samuel Penn said...

I've done plenty of Normandy Invasions (probably the definitive beach battle), as well as Viking raids with Warhammer Historical.

I also picked up Dystopian Wars recently, which has a mixture of sea, air and land miniatures which should make for good coastal battles.

I've only painted a single miniature so far though.

Gonsalvo said...

My wife an I were at the (New) Jersey Shore last weekend - sunny, highs around 80 and surf temperatures in the low 70's. No wargaing but consumed plenty of seafood!