Monday, March 4, 2013

Bases for the big boys

I have three super galactic dreadnoughts that I've painted, but at the moment, none of them are on bases.  The reason is simple: these toys are very massive, half a foot long, and weighing close to a whole pound.  Regular bases won't do (these heavy castings tend to tip over), so I came up with this three-in-one stand using one 2-inch washer and three 1-inch washers with wooden discs.
As you can see (apologies for the blurry pic), these stands are larger than the bases I make using my typical method of basing model starships.  For these bases, I used longer nails so that the big ships will stand at a suitably height compared to the smaller vessels.
Now they're all painted, and waiting for their ships.  Pics just as soon as I drill some holes to get the SGDNs based.

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Sean said...

Good idea. And thanks for the link to how you make bases, I'm not sure I saw that one before.