Friday, March 22, 2013

Some more Star Navy battle reports

Over at the Starship Combat News forums, a gamer by the handle of Remus was kind enough to post some reports of battles that he ran using a modified version of the 5150: Star Navy rules:
I'm not up on the Next Gen/DS9 background, but it sounds like Remus had a good time using Star Navy to play out these battles in the Trek setting.  If you're interested, you can find his conversion rules in this thread on Star Ranger.

As I said on the message board, it's great to see gamers take something I helped create and then expand on it for their further enjoyment.  Can't wait to read more battle reports, so if y'all come across some new ones, please let me know.


bluebirds40 said...

he did ran a great campagin on the klingons vs the cardassians.

Kaptain Kobold said...

What size of actions (in terms of number of ship models) are the rules designed to be optimal with please?

Desert Scribe said...

Kaptain, 5150: Star Navy can handle more than a dozen per side in a single game that can be finished in around two hours. You could have larger battles, of course, but they might take a little longer (during playtesting, we fought many games of 15 or more per side--and one battle with 40-something smaller ships against one huge ship. I suggest starting out with smaller battles at first to learn the rules--a 3-on-3 engagement would maybe take a half-hour or so.