Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fishy fishy

I finished the first two minis out of my birthday batch of starship models from Monday Knight Productions: the Aquarian Alliance Tigershark-class stellar destroyer leader and  Leviathan-class galactic dreadnought.
These will join the rest of my Aquarian fleet, the smallest of all my Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights collections, and the only one that doesn't include a super galactic dreadnought.
I plan on using these ships in games of Starfleet Wars, where they are the only faction with cloaking devices; in Galactic Knights, which doesn't have any official rules for the Aquarians; and of course for 5150: Star Navy, but I'm not sure what force they will represent in that setting.
Note that the dreadnought is mounted on a taller nail than the destroyer leader.  This allows escort ships to remain close to the larger craft on the table.  It also has a wider base for stability.
I ordered these two models as an afterthought, as I was buying a whole bunch of Carnivoran and Entomalian spaceships to round out those fleets.  I'm happy my budget had room for them.
Oh, and interesting fact about this ship in the Starfleet Wars background in an article from the Superior Models house magazine Wargamers Forum: The Leviathan can operate underwater, and even launch its missiles from beneath the ocean surface, just like a 20th-century nuclear sub.  So careful when you're at the beach!


Matgc said...

Beautiful painting, as always, Mack. I need to put my aquarians into action! They've been waiting for quite a while now.


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