Thursday, March 7, 2013

Victory flies again

I affixed my Terran Victory-class super galactic dreadnought to its triple-nail base, and it's nice to have it permanently mounted.  Before, I would either place it directly on the playing surface or use a temporary stand that made the ship hard to move.
As you can see, the SGDN dwarfs the stellar destroyer now.  The longer nails on the big stand enable smaller ships to pass right under the larger vessel.
The Victory looks great on the table next to other starships in the Terran Red Fleet.  Of course, it will also serve as a Gaea Prime Dreadnought for 5150: Star Navy.
Two more super galactic dreadnoughts to base, and plenty of models to paint: My fleets continue to expand.  Now to get them all on the table...


Maj. Guiscard said...

That is one cool chunk of lead.

Black Vulmea said...

Nice work.