Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Starships: Los Carnívorosos

For your viewing pleasure, the Carnivoran starships from my birthday batch of miniatures are finished and ready for action.  The two big ships are the Tomcat-class galactic battlecruiser (left) and the Tiger-class galactic dreadnought (right)--both will function as Class 5 ships for Star Navy
The escorts are a flight of five Cheetah-class stellar destroyers, led by a Puma-class stellar destroyer leader.  In addition to their traditional roles in Starfleet Wars and Galactic Knights, these escort ships will serve as Class 3 vessels in my games of 5150: Star Navy
I'm happy to add these ships to my Carnivoran fleet.  Until now, the Carnies were one of my smaller fleets, with just a handful of vessels, the largest being a galactic battlecruiser and a galactic attack carrier.
With these ships finished, I just have six Entomalian escorts and a single Ento capital ship, and I'm done with painting all my birthday minis--except for the 50 starfighters.  Time to start basing ....  Of course, I just remembered I have a Carnivoran super galactic dreadnought that needs to be stripped and repainted.  One more thing for the to-do list.

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Gonsalvo said...

Looks great, as usual!