Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blitzkrieg Commander batrep

Last weekend, Joe hosted a game of Blitzkrieg Commander at his place.  He supplied the table, terrain, and 15mm toys.
The scenario was the Germans stumbling across a Russian force attempting to build a bridge over the Dnieper River to bring across an armored force. 
I took the Germans, with the goal of stopping work on the bridge.  But instead of stopping the bridge-building, I got distracted by Germans in the woods.
Grant played the Russians, who already had infantry forces on my side of the river.  In addition to the forces on the table, both sides had reinforcements that would come in after awhile.
I had some armor, but it didn't really do too well assaulting some dug-in infantry (machine guns and mortars).  The mortars ended up eliminating that armored force.
And once the bridge was complete, the communists could start bringing over all the tanks they wanted, covered by artillery emplacements on the other side of the river.
The German reinforcements finally made it onto the board, but it was too late, with Russian tanks rolling across the bridge.
Aided by their artillery, they quickly eliminated the German tanks as they made their way to the west.
Fun game, and once again, don't get distracted and lose sight of your objective.  Less learned, I hope.

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Sean said...

Looks like fun. Sticking with objectives is a lesson I seem to learn repeatedly.