Friday, August 30, 2013

Space Invaders

Once upon a time, video games were primitive.  But Space Invaders was a blast (pun intended) for the proto-nerd that I was when it came out.  I spent many a quarter and many an evening on this arcade game.  When I saw these erasers in the shape of the titular aliens at Half-Price Books, I couldn't resist buying a couple of  packages.  Here they are posing with a 30mm figure from Reaper's  Chronoscope line.
Now to figure out how to use them in a game: I could base them like I do my starships and use them (as Bugs?) in a space combat game like 5150: Star Navy; or I could stat them out for Song of Blades and Heroes; or I could use them as a surprise foe in a Dungeons & Dragons adventure; or I could mount them on 60mm bases to make a Hordes of the Things army ....  I think I need to go back and buy some more of these.

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