Sunday, August 25, 2013

Capellan capital ships

When Don M, emperor of the Brazos Evil Empire (and all-around great guy), showed up for GuadaComaCon this year, he brought me gifts--namely, these two scratchbuilt spaceships, painted in the tiger stripe livery of the Capellan Raiders.
I'd seen Don's photos of these ships previously, and commented on how great they looked, especially compared to my own feeble offerings in the same vein.  So I was pleased and honored when Don took those minis out of the box and gave them to me.
"Miniature" might not be the most accurate term--these models are big, with one even dwarfing the Terran Super Galactic Dreadnought, probably the biggest ship in my collection.  The big ship is based on a plastic Zentredi spaceship model from Robotech, spruced up with some Battlefleet Gothic extras and what looks like wings from a 1/144 fighter jet.  The smaller one  includes more BFG parts on a plastic spaceship merged with parts from a Micromachines Star Wars Episode I pod racer.
I'm sure I'll find some way to work these models into my games of 5150: Star Navy--maybe as the core of a Free Company fleet.  Don suggested using the larger vessel as some sort of scenario objective.  Whatever I do, they will look good on the table.  My thanks again to Don for this wonderful, generous gift!


Gonsalvo said...

"Sir, the word from Intelligence is the Kitties are at it again! This time they've building a monster sghip designed to strip the atmosphere of of planets and render them uninhabitable. Admiralty has nassigned us to Task Force Beta-7. We are to destroy the ship before it can become fully operational..."
OK, hardly riginal, but it would work!

Desert Scribe said...

I like it!

Sean said...

Great gift.

thedrake70458 said...

Great looking ships for your Capellan fleet.

Don M said...

Glad you like them my
go forth and tare ass across the Galaxy..)