Friday, August 23, 2013

Wave 2 of OGRE minis released

Hey, treadheads!  Some more miniatures for OGRE/GEV have hit the virtual shelves of Steve Jackson Games' Warehouse 23.
Image from Steve Jackson Games.
This second wave of OGRE minis includes hardened command posts, radar, jammers, and laser towers and turrets--stuff that has been really hard to find since they stopped making it some time ago.  In addition, the long-out-of-production Panueropean missile crawler, along with a brand-new North American Combine version, are now for sale.

I might have to place an order ...

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 Ashley said...

It's all good news on the Ogre/GEV front. I just hope that the miniature side of the game takes off more this time around, and I would like to see Nihon Ogres too.