Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My day at GuadaComaCon

As I mentioned over the weekend, turnout for the convention was better than ever.  I got to play in a couple of games and ran a session of the game I co-wrote, 5150: Star Navy.  And there was plenty going on all day.  I hope to come back with some more detailed posts regarding the games I participated in or ran, but for now here's my overview of GuadaComaCon:
The morning started out with a couple of roleplaying games.  Game designer Dennis Sustare ran a game of Swords & Wizardry, a retroclone of the original D&D rules.
Meanwhile, author/illustrator Jeff Dee refereed Béthorm: The Plane of Tékumel, an RPG based on the setting from the famous Empire of the Petal Throne.
At the same time, Chip was conducting a game of Axles & Alloys, a vehicle combat game using mechanics from Full Thrust.  I played in the first round, getting my driver killed at the end of the game.
In addition, Kerstan and Tom, a couple of New Braunfels locals, put on a 2000-point game of Warhammer 40,0000--Tyranids versus Space Marines.  Several other NB gamers stopped by to watch and chat.
For the afternoon session, my game of 5150: Star Navy drew a half-dozen players.  I think one person had played it before; but the rest of the group easily picked up the rules.
Blake had brought enough armies (repurposed Warhammer figures) and terrain to host an entire Hordes of the Things tournament for 12 players, but unfortunately he ended up just having three or four gamers actually play some HotT.
In addition that afternoon, Joe put on a Flames of War scenario.  The battle was Germans against Soviets in Budapest, 1945.
Also during this time slot Jeff's wife, Talzhemir, ran Cavemaster, the role-playing game that cavemen played.
After that, only one evening game took place: the Battle of Hoth using FUBAR rules.  Coach K and his son drove an hour-and-a-half, bringing their large, illuminated setup that drew onlookers from a charity event in the convention center's ballroom.  I'm glad I got to play this scenario, as they're retiring it in favor of Helm's Deep for the next convention.
I was a little disappointed that we didn't have more evening games; I guess everyone was tired after two sessions of rolling dice and moving miniatures.  Still, my thanks to everyone who ran a game, as well as those who came out to play.  See you next August!


Gonsalvo said...

looks like a nice variety of games (just needs some Napoleonic ones, LOL). For a convention where the attendees stay overnight, I prefer running evening games. For a more day trip convention, I'm sure a lot of folks need to head home at a reasonable hour!

Broode said...

It was a shame that people decided not to play more evening games. I'm glad that I stayed for Coach K's FUBAR: Battle of Hoth game. That was the first time I ever played FUBAR and it was very enjoyable. All of the games I played at the con were fun, in fact, I especially enjoyed Axles and Alloys 2, so much so that I re-tasked an old blog of mine to feature Axle and Alloys 2 and other post apocalyptic games.

Colgar6 said...

Nice variety of games, indeed. It's very obvious that the miniatures games are more approachable by passers by, though. The role-playing games don't have much visual appeal.