Friday, August 16, 2013

Pre-convention tradition

I just finished up some last-minute painting for my 5150: Star Navy game at GuadaComaCon tomorrow.  Procrastinator that I am, I always seem to end up working on my miniatures the night before the event.
I painted some additional asteroids as well as some Carnivoran fighters.  You can never have too many asteroids or fighters in your space game, I always say.
Anyone else run a minis game at convention using models with the paint still wet?


Gonsalvo said...

Oh ja!

I am *always* painting something at the last minute before a convention, or basing/flocking something - been known to do the last bits in my hotel room at Historicon.

Still, I have always had it done on time... even if just barely. This year I was flocking my lat two Prussian Reserve regiments, and adding their flags... the varnish was still drying as I drove to Virginia, LOL.


Der Kommandant said...

I just finished the fleet I'm bringing tomorrow to GuadaComa Con. I only painted it to "tabletop standard" otherwise I'd be painting it while I drove to New Braunfels, tomorrow morning!LOL!

Don M said...

I'm compiling as we's traditional lol

Don M said...

Was great seeing you again....hope you find a good use for the ships!