Monday, August 26, 2013

Ebay brag blog post

Look what I got!  The Full Thrust Fleet Book: Volume 1 and the Full Thrust Fleet Book: Volume 2.  I snagged these on ebay for six bucks each plus shipping.  I already have them in electronic form for free, but I'm somewhat of a collector and I just like  hardcopies, so when I found these for sale with no bids, I took a chance.  Now I have all four FT books in the original print format (in addition to my rules compilation I had printed at a copy shop). 

The last of these rulebooks was published 13 years ago.  I'd like to see an updated version.  Any idea when they're gonna release a new edition of Full Thrust?


Colgar6 said...

I also prefer hard copy over electronic versions. Nice find!

As for an updated version, I think that you and I will be waiting a very long time for this :-( ...

Don M said...

Same here guys I love the old fashioned hard copy rule books!

There is a German company that has done some updates on Full Thrust, mostly cards and other eye candy.

But to tell you the truth I like the rules as they are, I would like new Ship books however as they have replaced all the ships with new types for the most part and added new nationalities!

Sean said...

Nice score.