Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Age of Aquarians

Sorry, I just had to go with that title for this blog post (pop culture reference here).  I've posted these ships on Starship Combat News previously, but I thought I would put them up here as well.  This is my Aquarian fleet:
Group (or is it school?) photo.

I have about 21 fighters that I need to get painted so these carriers have something to carry:
Two Stingray-class galactic attack carriers.
 I had fun painting these as well; I used various metallic colors on top of the blue; I think it gives a nice piscine look to the vessels.
Shark-class battlecruiser.
 Ooooooh! Barracuda!
Barracuda-class stellar cruisers.
 I have three more destroyers painted as well as the two pictured here.  And that's my entire Aquarian fleet.
Piranha-class stellar destroyers.


Porky said...

Again, the metallics really work at suggesting detail. The asymmetry on the top ship design is pretty too, and this time gives the impression of an aircraft carrier.

I'm wondering why they're called the Aquarians - is it connected with the part of the sky they come from?

Desert Scribe said...

Thanks for your comment, Porky. The Starfleet Wars rulebook doesn't really say why they're called Aquarians, but the Identification Manual states they live in a watery environment and depicts an amphibious-looking biped with eel-like jaws. So I'd say it's because of their characteristics, not their place of origin.